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Selling farmland

Selling farmland and the market price have gained momentum in the past decade also in Estonia and we are moving closer and closer to the average prices in Europe. Buying farmland has become an attractive investment and a mitigation measure against inflation. Usually, the decision to purchase an immovable is related to wishing to invest money in a certain asset class where the lease price of farmland will ensure a constant income thanks to agricultural subsidies.


We have farmland for sale – grassland as well as arable land. Most of our arable land is suitable for ARIB’s subsidies and have current profitable lease contracts. Therefore, the buyer doesn't need to spend time on the lease process of the farmland right away. Over the years, we have gathered in our portfolio also land that is further away from the core group and we wish to find local owners for them. Some immovables have been measured off from forest land, some need additional land surveying operations. If a field already has a lease contract, we usually offer the lessee the opportunity to buy it first.


If instead of purchasing you are interested in leasing farmland, do contact us! You can find out more on the page Leasing farmland.


Our sales offers of farmland are also posted in the environment.

Farmland management and sales:

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Tarmo Meus 504 2798

Tarmo is in charge of selling and purchasing farmland as well as signing lease contracts. Get in touch if you are interested in our farmland or you need a consultation on matters regarding farmland transactions.

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The sales process of a farmland holding

The initial contact between the seller and buyer

Fill in the price offer form or call us. We will contact you and specify what you are looking for.

A price offer for selling the farmland

We will discuss the sales price of the farmland. If you wish to buy a part of the immovable, we will agree on the size and price of the legal share sold.

We will sign a sales and purchase contract

If your offer is suitable, we will send the data to a notary and will arrange the time of the transaction. Payment will take place when the sales contract is signed.

Becoming the owner of the immovable

After the transaction at the notary, he/she will transfer the money deposited on their account to the bank account of the seller and will send the contract to an assistant judge who will enter the new owner in the Land Register.

FAQ about selling farmland

What is the price of a hectare of farmland in 2023?

When determining the price per hectare of farmland, the most important factors are the location, the fertility of the soil, its surface area and accessibility. In recent years, the prices of arable land have increased and today, fertile farmland can sell for 8,000 EUR/ha. Estonia’s average price level for selling arable land was 5,000 EUR/ha at the beginning of 2023. The Land Board records the statistics of real estate transactions.

What is the price of a hectare of grassland in 2023?

This year, the price of grassland ranges from 2,000 EUR to 4,500 EUR/ha. Usually, grassland has lower quality – it is waterlogged land or has a peaty soil, therefore the price of grassland in comparison to farmland is lower.

Whom can I buy farmland from?

The safest option is to buy farmland from a company that operates in forest land and farmland management. In this case you can be sure that you will get a quick and reliable transaction because an experienced partner will help at every step. Additionally, they usually sell farmland all over Estonia. Furthermore, you can rest assured that the land sold has been managed professionally.

Who evaluates farmland when it comes to selling?

State-owned land is evaluated by certified real estate agencies who rely on the value of transactions conducted in Estonia. The value of farmland that belongs to a private or legal person will be determined based on the relationship between supply and demand.