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    Forestry consultations

    Forestry consultations offer expert advice to the forest owner in all forestry related questions. Our goal is to help a forest owner manage their forest prudently and sustainably. During our consultations, we rely on the forest management plan, we take into account the goals of the forest owner and the market situation.


    On our team we have experienced forestry experts who will gladly share their knowledge and recommendations if you need help with estimating the value of a forest, assessing the health of a forest, on the topics of forest improvement and reforestation. You can turn to us with all questions about sales and purchase transactions and if possible, we will also help with legal questions and subsidies on private forests.


    Write to us to get a consultation on forestry!

    Metsanduslik nõustamine
    Magnus Karukäpp +372 508 9402

    Magnus has been active in forestry for over 20 years and he has the forest surveyor licence no. 001. Thanks to his long-term experience, he has great advice to give and he also has a great gut feeling when it comes to purchasing or selling forests as well as planning management work.

    Metsanduslik nõustamine

    FAQ about forestry consultations

    Why is forest management important?

    At first it might seem that a forest growing is a natural process, just “sit and wait”, but in order for a healthy and strong forest to grow, it needs care. Managing a forest includes reforestation as well as silviculture, using it and protecting it. It is the right and duty of all forest owners to manage their forests prudently.



    What is a forest management plan?

    A forest management plan is also known as a forest plan. It is a document that describes the condition of your forest and determines the use of the forest and its resources as well as the goals and measures of managing it year by year. The plan gives an overview of the condition of the forest, which trees can be cut, how to manage different parts of the forest, when the forest will be mature for felling etc. On the basis of the plan, it is possible to estimate the value of the forest, it will help when you are selling the forest or doing other transactions with it, as well as transferring the cutting right.


    Having a forest management plan is generally recommended but if your intention is to actively manage the forest and undertake felling, having a plan is obligatory.

    Why is conducting a forest inventory necessary?

    Inventory data give an overview of the condition of the forest – the stand’s age, height, species composition, reserve, conditions for managing etc. The data are used to compile summary tables and thematic maps (incl. forest maps, meaning stand plans) and the information is entered in the Forest Register. The inventory data are valid for 10 years and are the basis for writing a forest management plan and are necessary for applying for forest subsidies. Also, conducting an inventory is necessary when you plan to do thinning or regeneration cutting. Without an inventory, a private person can conduct felling in a forest with a size up to 5 hectares and a legal person in a forest with a size up to 2 hectares.

    Are forestry consultations free of charge?

    Before making an offer to buy, our specialist will visit your forest and assess the forest land, which is free of charge for the forest owner. If you have any questions, we are happy to help.


    What is the process of sales and purchase transactions like?

    After we have agreed the transaction with you, the conditions as well as the time, we will contact a notary who will first check if the parties of the transaction are eligible for doing the transaction, will check records and will inform the parties if additional documents are required.

    LignaMets OÜ will make an appointment with the notary and will forward the required information. The notary’s office will prepare the contract and will send it to both parties via e-mail for checking.

    There are three options for finalising the transaction: to meet at the notary’s office, to do the transaction with remote authentication via a video bridge or a hybrid transaction where the parties can either be present at the notary’s office or online in the video call.