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    Green energy

    The energy sector is more and more eager to find environmentally friendly solutions for generating green energy in Estonia. The renewable energy sector also gives us the opportunity to balance the production of greenhouse gases. Besides the production of wind- and hydropower, the driver of green energy uses the energy from the sun. LignaMets OÜ prefers developing the production of solar power because Estonia’s average air temperature ensures the effective use of solar panels and our immovables are situated in areas suitable for the production of solar power, which at the same time are not suitable for producing wind power.


    In the planning of some suitable production units of green energy, our goal is to move towards direct sale of electricity contracts, meaning Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), which is a growing trend in establishing solar power stations in Europe and elsewhere in the world. In this case, a company establishing solar power stations will sign a sales and purchase contract with a company, landowner or homeowner needing power, and here the price of green energy will generally be lower than the electricity bought at the power exchange price.


    As the producers of electricity are allowed to create a direct line of up to 6 kilometres long for the direct sales of electricity according to the Electricity Market Act, it provides the opportunity for specifically planned solar farms to sell green energy at a discounted price directly to the consumer.


    In addition to the production units of solar power, our company’s green energy portfolio today also contains 5 immovables in the Aulepa wind farm which is one of Enefit Green’s as well as Estonia’s largest wind farms. As we are future oriented, we are ready to create the conditions for establishing other windfarms in our area and to cooperate in various green energy projects.

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    LignaMets's solar power stations and direct sales projects

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